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I provide consultation services in a wide range of topics, some of these can be requested regarding (not limited only to) these topics:

  • Getting started with Bitcoin
  • General Bitcoiner Consultation
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Storage Risk Assesment
    • Self-Custody Advise
  • Reputation Management
  • Advise for Marketing Strategy Research
  • Group Relations and Standings
  • Bitcoin Acceptance Exploration for Institutional and Enterprise Clients
  • Event and Conference Planning and Execution
  • Phyiscal Security Assements
  • Profiling and Background Checks
  • Complex Operations

I maintain connections to key players in the space and are able to reach out and mediate contact for further business opportunities.


  • Emergency 10 minute consultation: 10,000 satoshi
  • 1 hour one on one nuanced consultation: 54,000 satoshi
  • 12 hour general consultation: 500,000 satoshi

Prices are always meant in Bitcoin, for both private and institutional clients.

1 BTC is always 100.000.000 satoshi. Absolutely no shitcoins or fiat are accepted.

Payments under 500k Satoshi must be sent through the Lightning Network.

Where to Contact

If it is an important matter, verify me with my PGP key. Use Elements for more privacy.