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  • PGP Key: 3E39 C2AF AAEF E6B9 B4AB 721C 8E06 CD72 ACE6 1F00

I have joined the Bitcoin Space in late 2018. Over the years, I have met and got to know great bitcoiners all over Europe. I am well settled within the social space of Bitcoiners, especially among the Bitcoin Plebs.

I have previously published articles and other related content on outlets like Citadel 21 and Bitcoin Magazine. I'm also the host of the Bitcoin Rehab Podcast.

I have an English BA, Specialization in Intercultural Communication and a MA in field related to Social Sciences. I wrote my thesis about Bitcoin Adoption. If you click on the big yellow button on the top right corner, it will take you to my thesis right away!

Employment History

Since March 2024 I am currently employed at a bitcoin related company.

  • 2023 May to 2023 Nov, Partnerships and Marketing at
  • 2021 Sep to 2022 Dec, Community and Reputation Management at zkSNACKs Ltd, Wasabi Wallet.
  • 2021 Feb to 2021 Sep, Social Media Management at Keystone Wallet
  • 2020 Jul to 2021 Feb, Social Media Management at Cobo Vault


  • 2+ year experience in Reputation Management
  • 3+ year experience in Social Media Management and Public Relations
  • 2+ year experience in running a Podcast
  • 4+ year experience in Community Management
  • Was forcefully removed from Lugano Plan B Forum in 2022 for wearing a Privacy Mask.


I'm very active in the Bitcoin space, here is a list of my contributions such as publications, research, public appearances, translated projects and list of conferences that I have attended.

Lightning Trust Chain 2019, Jan 19th

  • I was the 25th participant of the Lightning Trust Chain. The lightning trust chain was a fun attempt at showing that the Lightning Network is ready for mainstream adoption, and to promote the usage of LN for microtransactions. WEBSITE - VIDEO


Currently actively publishing as a guest author on Citadel 21, Bitcoin Magazine, Bitrawr, Wasabi Wallet Blog and not yet published on BTCTKVR sorry vlad xd

External Appearances

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Hungarian Translations

Attended Conferences and Events

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LNP/BP Details

  • Static Bitcoin Address: bc1q5nmwyymtwk0qz36w3wmf3qalwntsgjxgrafagu
  • LND Node: offline
  • Direct LN Payments via LightningAddresses: unavailable
  • offline